the naturalist's rulebook

a useful collection of tips, advice and stuff I will add to as I carry on down the dark path towards ecological enlightenment...

  • always carry binoculars (easy one)
  • never carry a telescope unless you are going to be sitting still (i.e seawatching)
  • never carry a telescope in the rain, in hot weather or strong wind
  • always take your camera
  • never use your camera until you have looked at your subject for at least 30 seconds in great detail.
  • ignore strangers giving you evils. You should be looking at the f**king wildlife not people.
  • never read texts until you have finished a walk. This will save a fruitless and stress-inducing chase after a Purple Heron you had to run half an hour then jump on a train, only to fail to see.
  • carry a bug jar (useful for insects and the like)
  • don't be scared of nettles you wuss
  • carry a few books with you if necessary.
  • but if you are carrying books, especially if they are heavy and you have a drawstring bag, don't try running for god's sake
  • never go near a dog with a muzzle
  • never go near a dog bigger than a Jack Russell Terrier.