Saturday, 23 April 2011

new type of layout

I felt a bit like experimenting. Now, this may completely ruin my blog, but I hardly get any readers anyway so what the hell.

well basically, this new experimental thing involves me making a whole load of blogs and 'lumping' them together into one. Much like Chiffchaffs are lumped into one species, or how some movie recently has been lumped with the burden of Russel Brand (I actually like him, I just needed a metaphor you understand).

These blogs will all from my 'super-blog'. And using a very overly complicated piece of code-cracking nuclear formula written in the DNA of a slug, I reckon I could get one counter that would count hits for all of them despite them being different URL's. But that's all getting too far ahead.

This blog will still have a purpose. This'll be where I spew out links to all my various out-pages with the actual writing and pictures on them. They are the secondary pages, and this blog might just serve as a neat little homepage. Effectively, I think I can try and create a website, using blogger.

if all the technical jargon isn't really your thing, and you don't have a clue what I'm on about, just keep visiting and go with the flow, you'll catch on to whatever I seem to be planning soon enough...

so here's my first bit of spewing out links...

  • on my birds page is (drumroll please)... the effectively titled and incredibly corny 'WHAT AN ICE DAY'. Today I managed to jam a few good birds locally, including Bar-tailed Godwit, Arctic Skua and the piece in my title, a gorgeous ICELAND GULL.

  • I've put on my insect page 'Bedroom Moths'. For a newbie like me almost any moth I see is a 'lifer'. Even one's attracted to the light in my bedroom!

  • and finally on my 'other wildlife' page, I have a 20 second video clip of a Grey Seal from today that was present in the Cuckmere. Imaginatively dubbed 'GREY SEAL IN THE CUCKMERE'

well that's enough for tonight, my tiny number of readers. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new style of presentation, especially once there is some substance to fill it all up with.

all the worst,


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  1. Ha ha. I shall try and keep up with the complicated system.:-)